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Impact of Your Фβͼ Scholarship Support

Thank you for sharing our students’ passion for medicine!

It is imperative that we equip our future physicians and scientists with the talent, emotional strength, and empathy needed to help our communities. Your advocacy and generosity has never been more important as the country experiences a shortage of doctors.

Transforming medical education is one of the most important priorities of our institution. Your contributions to our financial aid programs are amplifying our efforts.

Thank you doesn’t adequately express the magnitude of my gratitude. This support is pivotal for me academically, but it has also encouraged me in my quest to serve others. It is support like this that changes the world.

Alicia Ivory, ФβͼGraduate School of Biomedical Sciences student, Recipient of the WE energies Foundation scholarship and the Dean’s Scholarship

Scholarships Provided By Your Generosity

Scholarship Totals - 2022-2023 Academic Year


Scholarship Funds distributing Awards

$2.52 Million 

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scholarship Recipients

It is because of your generous gift that I can make these dreams possible, so thank you again for everything. I promise to continue on the mission of this scholarship as I continue to move forward in medicine and embrace the community surrounding me.

Miryea Cisneros, ФβͼSchool of Medicine student, Class of 2023, Recipient of the William Carr Curtis, MD, Endowed Scholarship


The Students Your Support Benefits

Scholarships have a huge impact on our learners through support of:

  • The dreams of those from diverse financial and social backgrounds who aspire to work in medicine
  • Those who want to work in areas of Wisconsin and around the country that are underserved by healthcare systems
  • Future scientists with the potential to make new discoveries focused on treating the most devastating diseases
  • Фβͼstudents who learn how to care for patients under the direction of physicians working in the best hospitals and clinics in the region

The Фβͼ School of Pharmacy has been an open book of opportunities supported by trailblazing educators and faculty. Thanks to your generosity, I am one step closer to achieving my dream of being a pharmacist of the future.

Christy Freeman, ФβͼSchool of Pharmacy Third-Year Student, Recipient of the Friends of ФβͼSchool of Pharmacy Scholarship